Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beach Weekend 2012

You know how you have endless conversations with dear friends that go something like this:

"We should really get together."
"We should. We should plan something."
"It would be amazing if we could go away to the beach."
"I know, right! That would be awesome!"

And these conversations happen frequently but the weekend/dinner/drinks never really happen? Well this March, it really did happen! I have a dear friend from high school named Jessica. She and I went to elementary school together through high school. We connected over creative writing and long conversations during road trips in high school. But then life got busy during college. She lived all over the world. I lived in California. Despite the miles, we stayed in touch and she gifted Sam and I by performing beautifully at our wedding.

She is one of those uber talented people. Among other talents: She has a PhD. She paints. She has a record album. She salsa dances. She is a yogi. She is also a mom to a super cutie toddler. But just as importantly, she is hysterical and makes me laugh.

She invited me to her family's beach house for a weekend two weekends ago. I looked forward to it immensely. We'd be able to have full conversations! Finish our sentences! Drink wine! Have a LONG dinner! Drink coffee!

And we did all of those things. We met up around 11 am and drove to the beach. We set up shop, made lunch, walked along the beach, did yoga, had coffee, played scrabble and went on small adventures. It was all of the little things that I love. Nature. Conversation. Rest.

She is also an amazing cook and I am an amazing eater. :)

I woke up to the sound of sea gulls and then we had mimosas for breakfast! Hello! Perfect!
She is a great conversationalist so my mind spun for a few days afterwards- mulling over parts of our conversation from the weekend.

In short? It was a gift. The whole thing.
Thanks so much Jess!

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Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

YAY for the ladies' weekend!!! Many more to come :)