Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Show me the mommy

The infamous Laura a few years back encouraged us all to post pic of ourselves to get us, as moms, into pictures. I loved the series!

This is a picture of me that Wyeth took. And I love it. For several reasons. I love that it shows our messy kitchen. Our not quite clean cabinets. Our out of place stool. I love that it is from his perspective. Of what his Mom looks like on a weekend. In my mom clothes.

(Do you have "Mom" clothes?)

But I also like it because it captures who I still want to be. A person  who believes in the spirt of Americorps. Of getting things DONE. In community. Of making a difference in the world. To people who really need the basics. Food. Shelter. I haven't grown to be that person as fully as I once envisioned. Not yet.

But I'm still there. Still hopeful that my life- at least some part of it- will be dedicated to some sort of service.

If only through the eyes of my children.