Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It is working!

Potty training! It is happening!! It really is!

After having no interest in the potty and then refusing to sit on it and tears. We gave up. And then he started peeing in red plastic boats. We knew that he could do it. And so dear internets, we took your advice.

We "ran out of diapers".

Sam and Wyeth counted the diapers down. Sam, smartly, placed the diapers in the center of his bedroom and we counted them down. 6 more! 5 more! 4 more! 3 more! 2 more!

As Saturday drew to a close, we saw that we had just one more diaper.

Just one more!

Sunday, March 18th 2012 was going to be "interesting".

Sam woke up with Wyeth on Sunday and on went the undies. He knew it was coming. (see above for the massive count down). When I woke up at 8 (I sleep in until 8 on Sundays), he was SO proud of his undies. He showed them to me immediately!

And man did we go through undies. Puddles. Clean ups. We stayed local. By 9:30 AM, I was on the phone with Andy and we were at pair number 6.

But right at 11 am it clicked. A little pee came out and I raced him to the potty (with the red boat in it) and he finished up! I was so proud that I thought this was worth an M and M. Incentivize! And I cheered! And he smiled! Sam danced! And it did the trick! We still had accidents but he realized he could do it! He drank milk all morning so we had LOTS of practice.

He got 3 m and Ms the first time he didn't have an accident first.

I phased out the comforting red boat by the afternoon. But there were no tears the entire day! (I visualized him crying and being very scared!) No tears at all. Lots of wetness? For sure. But he got 6 m and ms for being successful! The chocolate helped!

By the end of the day, we had 10 pairs of wet undies and 10 pairs of wet pants. But no tears. And we didn't get frustrated. And either did he. We were cool as cucumbers and kept changing those pants.

Day two was yesterday! One accident. And now he goes on the big potty and even went to the public library potty. We ask him at about the hour or 90 min mark if he has to go but make a big deal about him "being in charge". And then if he has to go, he trots off with us. (We still help aim).

I say? MAJOR SUCCESS! So happy about this new development. SO happy. We know better than to think this is 'done'. We are far from done. But we'll take it!

Next big milestone: the big boy bed. But we won't rush that.


Beth said...

Awesome, awesome news! Keep up the great work Wyeth.

Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

I love that he was in charge.

PC said...

This is awesome! Yay Wy!

Whitney said...

Yay!! Glad to hear about the success! Love that he felt empowered. :)

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Congratulations! I hope our second time around will go this smoothly. I love that he didn't have any meltdowns despite a lot of accidents that first day. Way to go, all of you!