Sunday, August 12, 2012

Big Stuff: Mom Edition

So in July I hoped to go around and in four quick posts, highlight what everyone was doing. Alas, it is now August.

But since its my blog, lets focus on me. :) Blogs are self focused like that.

The Promotion
Last spring I had a rough review at work. And the past 12 months have been incredibly difficult for me. Leading up to my review, I felt very very anxious. My stomach was a total mess. I was a total mess. I put in long hours. I couldn't really think. I kept planning worse case scenarios. In late June, I was finally promoted at my office. I can't express the relief I felt. True relief. Like a gift. I had put myself under so much pressure! I was filled with self doubt. But to get the positive feedback and the final word that I was promoted? AWESOME!!!  I even danced when my supervisor told me! I embarrassed myself with that one but whew, whew, whew.

The Running
In November, I ran my first 5k in about 5 years. Pathetic really. But add two kids, a house and full paying job? And yeah, the time to run was on the way back burner. I trained hard for it and it went really really well. And now it is summer already! I didn't run a 5k in between but in two weeks, I'll be running an 8k in Michigan. I am not so sure I'm ready for that one. Between the wine and the tortilla chips, I have been trying hard to really avoid the running! :)  But it is a family event! And for that, I'm super excited! Sam is running 10 miles, I'm running 5, Seren is running the one mile and Wyeth is entered into the 'Teddy Bear' trot!

Too much fun!

The restful spirit
I can't say I'm completely rested after vacation but I feel so much better. The past 6 months (see above r.e. promotion) have been very hard. I have more responsibility at work which feels great but I have been working long hours and working at night when I got home. I needed last week's vacation soo badly. More than I have needed a vacation in a long time. And vacation, we did! I sat. I slept. I ran. I napped. I read. And then I just played. It was just over a week but just amazing.  And while it is early in the post- vacation process, I feel much better. I'm just trying to take it one day at a time. And it seems to be working. I slept better this week. I read my book. I went out with friends one night. Just much more even keeled as opposed to a total panic every day from the moment my eyes open til I passed out at 10:30. I know that in 5 years I won't remember what it was like to live these days. Waking at 6:30, out the door my 7:15, in the office until 5 or 5:30. Dinner, play, bath, bed. Work from 8:30-10:30 pm. WHO NEEDS IT!?

So that is my update. Happier at work. More rested and ready for a great run! (or nearly ready!)


LauraC said...

Welcome back!!!

Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

yay for running and resting and focusing on you.