Sunday, August 12, 2012

Big Stuff: Wyeth Edition

Wyeth is a total trip. I don't know what to think of his personality. We had a rough couple of days in Cape Cod. He was  crabby, needy and a bit rude in social situations. But I think he was running a low grade fever for the first 4 days; being sick will bring out the best in ya.

The fish
Wyeth  has been toilet trained for a few months but has yet to really conquer the toilet. Pee? No problem. Poop? We have issues. He withholds. He freaks out. He cries. It is really a mess. (Literally). But he managed to have success in July and for that success and for being successful in learning to pee in a toilet, we purchased Molly.

Meet Molly:

The day we purchased Molly, Wyeth and Seren were SOO excited. After work, after dinner, we drove over and picked Molly out. And they both helped arrange her little bowl and new home. When we got her all settled, I heard Seren say to the fish, "We are Seren. You say it like this. SER_ IN. And this is Wyeth. Like this- WY_IF. We are your brother and sister. And this is a safe house. Everyone here will love you. We will treat you well. You will be safe her. We have a cat named Jordan who we will protect you from. If he jumps up, we will say 'NO JORDAN!'

It went on and on. Introductions to a fish. It was also so sweet! Wyeth was just so excited for everyone to meet our little fish. It is a male fish named Molly. So you know, there is that.

The Preschool
We agonized over where to place Wyeth this fall. Sam and I are very good about agonizing over decisions that really don't need to be made. We loved where Seren went. But it was just so expensive! But we searched and searched. And really? We love where we started. So he will be in Robin's class- just like Seren was. We are so happy. Wyeth on the other hand is adament about NOT going. No way. Not going to happen. Seren, to her credit, is trying really hard. Tonight at dinner she said, "But Wyeth! All you get to do is play! And paint! And sing songs! And when you learn them, I know the songs too and we can sing them togther. It is just like so much fun!" 

We'll see what we can do. His little friend, the brother of our preschool buddy, will be in the same class which will be awesome! It is going to be great.

So Wyeth, the man of many moods, the fish lover and the boy who refused to go to preschool. Love it!

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