Thursday, July 19, 2007

I am now a model of inefficiency

In college, I would not go to bed until every item on my to-do list was crossed off. I would go to bed late and wake up early to study. I was driven. I am still driven. But with a toddler, things just don't get done.

Somedays I just feel like we aren't moving forward on anything! And when will we have flooring in our home? An AC that works? Clean floors? Painted walls? When?

Today we woke up late- which just feels awesome. But that means that I will be late for work. Our mornings sometimes feel like one long race. And toddlers don't like to be rushed. When she was an infant, she would sit in her chair and I would drag her through the halls from the bathroom where I would shower, to my room where I could get dressed, back into the bathroom for hair and then we'd go down stairs for breakfast.

Not anymore.

Now I have to kindly encourage/coach her to walk from one room to the other. And sometimes the bathroom just isn't that interesting! Or sometimes it is TOO interesting and why should she leave? And there is the constant negotiation of which toys to bring with her, etc. Can froggy and dolly come with us? Or should we play with them here in the room. I guess we are playing here in the room. Never mind that the traffic is building on I-95 or that something is due at 9 am. Sigh.

And then on good days, I can step back and realize that this is it! This is what is wonderful about being a mom! How often will she want to be in my arms? Brush my hair? Talk to me about the finer points of hygenine?

"Cherish the moment." "Live in the present." "Breathe".

I should have those words tattoed somewhere.

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