Monday, July 9, 2007

Seren LOVES to eat watermelon and toast with jam. She stuffs the food so fast in her mouth that parts of the food are still sticking out. She chews and chews but still points to the piece of watermelon/toast that is on the table that she can't reach.

It occured to me last night as I was feeding her that I may be raising the next greatest food eating contestant! I mean look at the skill it takes! And all of this and she can't talk! She has just mastered feeding herself. Give her time! She too will be a food eating contestant, I can just tell.

Every night, after dinner, Sam and I assess the mess and the house casualties. Applesauce on the rug. Broccoli on the wall.

In addition, my whole personal motto "everything has a place" has gone to hell. I have lost my sunglasses, the same glasses I've had for 9 years. And I have lost my hairbrush. Seren takes all of our personal items on little trips. I found finger paint in my cosmetic kit. I found a plastic block in our cupboard. Seren will just toddle off with something. We'll give her a new item to keep her 'busy' while we try to cook, or clean or hell, use the bathroom and the next thing you know, that same item will appear under our bed, in a toy bucket, or in the bath tub as apparently throwing items into the bathtub is SUPER fun.

But Seren isn't always to blame. We 'hide' things from her. Things that she REALLY wants like our keys or our cell phones. The problem of having Seren cry is avoided. However, the new problem comes when we all try to leave the house. Where did I put my keys? It is an endless game of hide and go seek.

And I love it.

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