Tuesday, November 20, 2007

18 month stats (18 months and 2 weeks)

Well, I was wrong. Last post I wrote about Seren filling out in her face. The amazing double chin? It is not the result of too much cheese, it is swelling from teething! Poor thing! She has hardly gained any weight at all. The doctor said that when they get the big molars, they often have swollen faces. Apparently red blotchy cheeks is also an indicator. She took one look at Seren and said, "So, she's getting teeth, right?"

Height: 33 inches (90%)
Weight: 22 lbs and 14 oz (50%) *Note, the Doctor said 50% but the online stats say between 10-25% for weight. Hmm...
Head is between 50-75%

The doctor said all looked good. Poor Dad said he had a heck of a time. Seren CLUNG to him for dear life. He said his collar was totally soaked in tears. The doctor said that this response is totally normal for 18 months. Sam sounded like he had been wrestling an alligator the way he spoke about how adamant she was about NOT wanting to be there. This time, unlike last time, she was ok with being weighed on the scale. Last time, Sam had to be weighed holding Seren and then weighed without Seren. Not exactly accurate. :)

I am surprised by the lack of weight gain. I SWEAR she is heavier. I'd like to see her gain some weight but I guess she is just a tall and lean peanut. I hope that some tylenol will take away the sting of a flu shot, a Hep-A shot and those four teeth that are giving her such swelling. As for the tired Dad? Maybe he'd like a doughnut? :)


Laura S said...

I am all for drugging kids with tylenol and caretakers with sugar and fat. If I was home full time I would be the size of an elephant! Poor seren and her teeth. Joshua went through the molars and they were rough! On to the eye teeth now! We both have peanuts, who wont eat peas!

LauraC said...

Boo! Sorry to hear the cheeks are from teething, but what cute cheeks they are! And really 50%th is just right!

(Btw, Alex totally scared at dr appt with sobbing and clinging. Nate totally flirting with the female nurses. )