Sunday, February 1, 2009


Seren is very particular about most things. Which pant leg she puts on first. Which pjs she should wear to bed. Which medication she wants to take and when. "No, the puffer goes AFTER the nose drops." And so it goes. And god forbid you help her. Or help her do things in the wrong order.

She recently has been obsessed abuout what breakfast item she wants to eat first. "Mom! I have to have my toast first and then my cereal. Are you having your toast first, mom?"

"Yup. Toast is first for me today, Seren."

Wyeth was breastfeeding as I was eating my toast. She looked at him and said, "Mom, is Wyeth having the toast boob first or the cereal boob first?"

Hmm. The toast boob. :)

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Julie said...

Hilarious! These little buggers are so particular these days! We are going through a similar thing, "Mommy, you gave me 2 purple gummy vitamins. I need one purple one orange. You made a mistake." The toast boob--I love it :)