Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sleep? Good mood. No sleep? Bad mood

That pretty much sums up my day to day existance. Two nights ago Wyeth treated me to 4 hours of straight sleep. Four hours! Awesome! And then followed that up with 3 hours of sleep. When I woke up, I decided I could do anything! I loved my family. I have friends and I love them! I could clean gutters on top of a ladder today, I thought to myself! Obama should hire me! I have ideas! I have energy!!

We didn't spend the day cleaning out the gutters but instead I took myself and the two kids to Grammy and Poppy's house for some fun. (Dad had to work) But the point was, I felt GOOD. I felt alive. I was weepy with the thought of returning to work and leaving all of the FUN behind. I had even done yoga the day before. I am a good mom!

Today? Energy? Not so much. Wyeth returned to his waking every two hours. I have no idea what we are doing wrong. Is he too hot? Too bundled? Not bundled enough? Constipated? After a night of a "bad" sleep, I think of 101 theories of why he isn't sleeping well. He is certainly BIG enough. Does he really NEED all of that milk? THAT frequently?

So after last night, my goals are not so lofty. No tackling the issues of world peace. I will feel accomplished if I tackle the dishes!! And so it goes in the world of parenting little ones.

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Beth said...

We're at month 10 and STILL trying to figure out what leads to a good night and what leads to a bad! LOL. Some kids like to sleep. Some kids don't. Hope Wyeth figures it out soon! (And Seth too!) Hugs!