Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wyeth is Two months old!

Today Wyeth turned two months old! He remains a complete joy. He is a very, very active baby. He spent an entire hour under his play mat kicking up a storm. I only removed him because I thought he needed a change of scenery! This boy is on the move! I fear, no make that, dread, the toddler years if his early weeks are any indication of the action that is to come.

He also is a complete joy- smiling broadly in the morning right when he wakes up. We eat these smiles up! Despite my best attempts, I haven't really succeeded in capturing his smile on film. Today I got some good shots- we'll have to see.

He has no real consistent pattern/schedule. He still goes to bed late- nursing and chilling until 10 or 11pm. He went to bed as late as 1:30 am one night and the earliest he has turned in was 9:15. He parties like a rock star- waking up to eat every 2-3 hours. I made the mistake of reading what was "normal". Note to self: Don't do that. There is no "normal" there is just a wide range. "Normal" babies who are 11 lbs sleep- waking only once to eat. (!)

So far he isn't a big fan of carriers- preferring to see the world. This makes having two free hands a major daily goal of mine.

He has started to "coo" and chat! My smiling, chubby, chatting boy!

I predict he will be a thumb sucker as he has found his fingers and LOVES to suck on them.

Unlike his sister (in many, many ways) he has very little hair. He has the monk thing going on where he rubbed his hair away. He also has no eyebrow hair. (This is a very Hague attribute- my side of the family).

Happy two months Wyeth! I already can't remember my life without you in it! Mr. Blue Eyes, we love you!!


LauraC said...

Oh my, where has the time gone?!

Whitney said...

hee hee, I just wanted to say to remember that a lot of the "sleep research" and expectations about baby sleep habits were done in the 1950s on formula fed infants...so, they are entirely unrealistic. It is totally normal, if not exhausting, for him to keep waking up a lot for a long time yet!