Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Vocabulary

We have been learning a few new words recently:

Coping- We seem to be coping better as a family of four. The first two weeks, I ran on adeneline and smiled from ear to ear. Then I got tired. And Christmas happened. So weeks 3-7 were rough. But now we have a bit of a routine. We are hanging in there. I am used to this no structure, no control of my life thing. We go to music class, go to museums, do playdoh, see friends, have fun. So we are coping much better.

Sleeping- Wyeth now has been sleeping from around 10:30 until 4:30. Yahoo! Now, of course, having just typed that, he will return to his waking every two hours. But it makes a world of difference!

Laryngomalacia- This is the newest word in my vocabulary. We went to the doctor's yesterday for Wyeth's two month appointment. She came into the room, asked me if Wyeth "always breathed like that" and when I responded possively, she immediately said, "That's not normal." Hmm. So now we go to CHOP (Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania) for two tests to see if he does have laryngomalacia. It is a very common issue in which the larynx isn't fully mature. Most children outgrow it. I just thought Wyeth was noisy! He may get worse (louder) before he gets better. It also could be a vascular ring which has more challenging implications. We'll know for sure in about 4 weeks. For now, Wyeth is just a noisy, happy, chubby baby. (He weighed 13.12 oz) In other news, he tried his first bottle of expressed breastmilk and loved it. So that is a relief.

End of Maternity Leave: (Ok, so it isn't a word but a phrase) I will return to work the first week of March which is already haunting me. I am grateful to have a job to return to but I am deeply saddened by this already. I will work part time which will help and I am already coming up with ways that will help me cope with the transition back to 9-5 work.

Some recent pics:


Beth said...

Wow--look how big Wyeth is alredy! What a cutie. I'm glad to hear you've settled into a routineless routine! As for Laryomyglacia (sp?), when Seth got Croup at 6 weeks, they considered that as a possibility. Seth wasn't a noisy breather, though, and he turned out fine. I'm sure Wyeth will, too! As for going back to work, just take things one day at a time. That's awesome that you can do part-time, though. I think you'll ultimately be really glad for that. A little time to exercise your mind and remember who you were BEFORE kids is a good thing! Hugs to you!

LauraC said...

Goodness, both kids look so big! I'm glad to hear you are coping better as a family. I imagine going back to little sleep has to be very difficult!