Thursday, April 30, 2009

Down Time

This weekend Sam and Seren are taking a fun trip together to celebrate my sister in law's graduation from college!

I am so proud of her!

And Wyeth and I are going to just chill.

When Seren was 5 months old the thought of being alone with her for two nights would have terrified me. What would I do? Who would hold her? What would I eat? (Can't cook when you have a baby)

Now, as a mom of three years, the thought of an entire weekend with my cuddle muffin sounds like a vacation. No , "Mommy, mommy, mommy...." or "But I don't want to right now!" or "I'm so busy, I can't, Mom!"

Not that I won't miss both of them like crazy! Seren is such a huge part of my life and I love her to bits despite the complaining and "negotiating".

But just time with my little man? That sounds SO nice to me right now.

My mom and Dad have volunteered to take him for an hour so I can get a much overdue massage. I am just about drooling with anticipation!! It is going to be WONDERFUL!

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LauraC said...

I will tell you, it feels like a CAKE WALK taking care of one kid after taking care of two all the time. Hope you enjoy this weekend. Plus you can rest when the baby rests. NOVEL huh??!!