Friday, June 5, 2009

Captain Underpants

Toddler underpants have to be some of the cutest things around. For three years, you get used to seeing the padded diapered butts. The diaper sticking out from the top of the waistline.

And then they train. And it is a glorious day! Undies! No diapers! And suddenly, instead of running out of diapers, you run out of clean underwear for your daughter. And instead of the cute diaper tush, you just see...well, it reminds you that you should call the plumber.

Seren has been very proud of her Elmo undies since the first day she wore them. She insisted on showing everyone around that she was wearing them. "See my undies, Grammy? See 'em Poppy? I've got Elmo on."

And I love em.

Wyeth, was an unfortunate, unwilling participate in laundry folding this past week. I couldn't help myself.

The first shot, he is amused.

The second, confused by the fact that the undies are still on his head.

By the third picture, he is getting all up in my face with his hand on his hip in protest.

Sorry, kiddo. What can I say? Mommy just gets punchy.

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LauraC said...

That is hilarious bc I just posted about N&A wearing underwear on their head. I don't want to spoil the video though.

I didn't know they made pink elmo underwear. We only have the red elmo underwear. And Nate doesn't want to wear character underwear, he wants tidy whities.