Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Tuesdays with Mommy continue to be an awesome time for me. I really cherish my time with my kiddos.

Seren was a complete trip (as usual) yesterday and had some fun things to say.

When she dropped a cheerio outside she said, "Oh, I think the ants will find it. And they will say to me, "Oh, thank you Sister Seren!" (this was said in a tiny, squeaky, ANT voice). And I will say to them, "No problem. You're wel-boome". (welcome)

We randomly say a Canadian goose crossing the road near the mall. She said to me, "Where is his Mom!? He is crossing my himself!? That is NOT safe."

When feeding her Dolly a bottle she said, "This is good. This is pumped milk for you."

Yesterday, she was playing with another doll and told me the doll was going to a restaurant. I asked her which resturant. Friendly's? "No mom, they are going to Wednesdays." I thought about this for a second, "Do you mean Ruby Tuesdays?" :)

And when I asked her, "What does it mean when someone is proud of you?" She thought about it and said, "It means that I'm loved."

Love this age! Love it! We had a good day together. Just hanging out, returning some things at the mall, running around, avoiding the raindrops. Wyeth was very huggy and continues to teeth. Let's just saying that teething+nursing= ouch.

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Julie said...

I LOVE it! Seren is very compassionate toward others--giving a cheerio to the ants, good milk to her doll and her concern about the goose crossing alone! The things they say are priceless. What a sweet girl you have.