Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wyeth is Six Months

Happy half birthday, my love muffin! I can't wrap my head around the fact you are six months already. You still seem so "new" to me. So small. But when I hang out with 3 week olds, I'm reminded how much you have grown.

You continue to be a complete joy. You smile ALL OF THE TIME! We love it! You are most entertained by your sister who can send you into peels of laughter. And your belly laughs can bring tears of joy to my eyes. You are now eating applesauce, avocado and rice cereal. You continue to nurse about every 3.5 hours.

Your ability to sit up has been a welcome change. You spent a full 20 minutes sitting in your crib playing while I ironed clothes this past weekend and could not have been happier.

The past few days you have been fussy- with teeth coming in. Pain must be a strange sensation to you and quite the bother. As a result, everything is going into your mouth. You even sucked on Seren's toe last night because she offered it to you!
(Your own toes are a big hit as well!)

My boy, slow down! You are growing too fast!

Here are some goofy pics that I have taken of you the last two weeks. We love you Wyeth! Thank you for being you.

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LauraC said...

6 months already!??!! Crazy! I love that last pic, it makes me laugh out loud.