Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who needs Meyers Briggs?

As someone who has spent a long time thinking about my "strengths" and "weaknesses" and what I'm good at and what needs work, I always find others' comments on my personality and working style to be fascinating. I love thinking about ways people 'fit' together. And what makes people tick.

I have taken several inventories that focus on working style, personality traits, etc. Turns out you just need to live with a 3 year old.

I was trying to fix a stubborn roll shade. The shade won't stay down. It never did. I think we installed it incorrectly. It is a pain. I was muttering about this and Seren piped up.

"Well, Poppy is a good fixer, he can fix it." (VERY true!)

Then she volunteered, "And Grammy is a good sewer!"

Then she paused. "Mom, what are you good at?"

For a moment, I froze in my tracks. I felt unprepared all of a sudden- as if at a job interview. I started wracking my brain. What am I good at? What do I really contribute? Ahh! Then I got over myself and snapped out of it. "I don't know, what do you think Seren?"

"Mom, I think you are a good sweeper."

"And Dad is a good cooker."

Care to guess which partner does what in our house?

I'm a good sweeper! Wonder how I can use that skill at work! It is a shame that policy analysts don't really need to know how to sweep, otherwise, I'd be climbing that corporate ladder!


Beth said...

Can we borrow you? :-) My kids have never even seen me use a broom. LOL. (In my defense, though, we vacuum.) It's nice to see how perceptive our kids are!

LauraC said...

Hey at least she had an answer! ha ha! I wonder what my kids will say. Will have to ask tonight and report back.