Friday, August 21, 2009

Insane week! Jumbled thoughts!

I don't know where the days go! Our days turn into nights and then mornings again. It is hard to watch the weeks zoom by without too much full attention on any one thing!

Just a couple of things I want to note since I don't have time to do a proper post:

* Wyeth has learned to not only crawl with great speed but also to pull himself up! It is amazing to watch! The whole wide world has opened up to him and he is excited to see it all!

* The nursing is going to end soon. On some days, this brings me to tears. On other days, I know it is time. That 8.5 months is good. I haven't been making enough milk since around 6 months and the pressure to make it combined with the time it takes to pump at work has been challenging. I don't want to just stop though either. My last baby. I have loved nursing both of my children. It has been a privledge and I love the cuddles. So it is bittersweet for sure!

* When I stopped nursing Seren my hormones took a nose dive. I was severly depressed! So I am trying to taper it this time a bit more while things are fluctuating. This is its own post!

* Preschool starts in September! YIKES! We are SO excited! But wow, this is quite the milestone for us! She has a new backpack ordered and is very enthusastic about 'making new friends'. She even has a whole little speech that she has practiced. "Hi, my name is Seren. What is your name?" She wants kids to come over to our house and play. It is going to be great!

* We need new hard wood floors. Well, we need floors. Bit by bit, we have pulled up our carpet! So now we need to get serious about replacing it!

* I don't want summer to be over! We hope to fit in a camping trip in September- should be awesome. I feel for the people who will be next to us.

* This past week we didn't have child care while our provider was on a much deserved vacation. We pieced things together but man, it was a total stretch! I hired someone to watch the kids while I worked but Wyeth only wanted ME. The crying! My god! Seperation anxiety is in full force! If I go down the hall, the tears start. He immediately stops crying when I re-appear!

* I am already daydreaming about when Sam and I can plan our next solo get away! I'd love to just do something simple together. September seems like a good time. The demands of two children and our jobs continue to stress us. I want to spend more time on 'us'.

* I loved spending both Monday and Tuesday with the kiddos. We went to the pool, we had great adventures in our neighborhood while I pulled Seren in a wagon and had Wyeth in a backpack. (nice workout for mom too!) We just really enjoyed our time together.

I hope to have a proper post very shortly. For now, this is as good as it gets!

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Julie said...

I love it that you have Monday and Tuesday with the kids and you do fun stuff and just enjoy each other! It is so easy to use free time for errands and other necessary crap, but the the fun stuff is way more rewarding!

I too had a hormonal nose dive after I weaned--it was worse than PPD actually and I tapered very slowly. I am wishing an easier time this time for you!!!

A solo weekend getaway sounds awesome and I want to hear all about it since Bill and I never ever do it. My inlaws won't take Lana overnight :(