Monday, August 3, 2009

We are baaack!

We have returned from a week at Cape Cod! Since our family has a slightly different schedule every day of the week, we make a big deal out of 'Mommy Day' (Tuesdays) or 'Daddy Day' (Fridays). And then on the weekend it is 'family days'.

Since we had a whole week together, Seren (and the rest of us) really looked forward to 'Family week!'

We had a blast. Pictures and many stories to come.

A few Cape Cod 2009 firsts:

Wyeth's first time on Cape Cod. (I was 22 weeks pregnant last year)
Seren's first bonfire on the beach
Seren's first ice pop/popsicle
The kids experienced lobsters- both alive and cooked
Seren had her first 'sleepover' with our good friends' daughter- who was 2.5 years. (Seren called this a 'Capeover' instead of a sleepover). Sleeping they did not do.
First road trip in the 'new' to us car
First road trip with two kids

It was great! Can't wait to say more!

We LOVED family week!


Beth said...

Welcome back! What a great picture. Can't wait to hear more. Missed you!

LauraC said...

What a great great family photo! Welcome back!

(I love "sleeping they did not do." that would be why N&A are in separate rooms now)

Julie said...

Family week sounded like a blast! I love the photo too :)