Friday, August 14, 2009

Seren's "teammate"

I thought before we had Wyeth, that he would share a room with Seren when he was around 4 months old. Seren stayed in our room until that point. And I remember how scary but also how freeing it was to have her in her own room. We ALL slept better. We have a decent sized house but we don't have an entire extra bedroom. And Seren's room is huge! So we reasoned, that two very small people can share a room.

I thought that come 4 months, we'd move him in and no problem.

It took us until he was 8 months. Wyeth has been a nightowl. This Sunday, we went through the process of taking down the crib which had been in our bedroom and putting it into Seren's room. This has been a long time coming. It hasn't been a perfect week but it went well! We had one very long night. Seren didn't make a peep during the crying but at breakfast the next morning she sighed, "I was up all night with Wyeth crying!"

I hear ya sista! I hear ya!

I couldn't believe how sad I was taking him out of room. I have longed for this. And I think we all will sleep better. Babies are NOISY! And I was sleeping so lightly for fear that I'd wake him or he would wake me! We wanted our bedroom 'back'. But still, moving that crib out was hard.

Seren, however, was excited! Finally! Wyeth would share her room! She kept saying, "I like my teammate! I want Wyeth to be my teammate!" I corrected her. "Seren, Wyeth will be your ROOMMATE!"

But in retrospect, before long they will be teaming up against us. I think team-mate is more appropriate.

So we have done it. The two of them now share a room.


LauraC said...

I find it funny that you moved your kids together shortly after we moved ours apart!

John said...

hey kiddo! remember when we once shared a room upstairs, then in the piano room, then a floor upstairs, and a bathroom? Do you think we could handle an entire house together, now that we are older? I think you would kill me. Not sure how Jeff and Mer ever did it.