Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Doh! That will leave a mark"

My brother John loves movies. He LOVES watching and re-watching movies. He can have full conversations using quotes from movies. It is hysterical. Most of the time, I don't even know the movie reference. But he will use a line from Braveheart or any one of John Candy's movies. And he will do all of the voices. And so it goes.

I think Seren has picked up on some of this. Only her references are all from her books. Yesterday I said, "Got it Seren? We are going to go eat and then take a tub, Ok?"

She turns to me and says, "Aye, Aye Captain!"


"Mom, it is from Lottie's New Beach Towel, remember?"

She often does stuff like this. She recently said she was not going to eat our Octopus stew. (We did NOT make Octopus stew). She got this line from a Halloween book. It is just the funny references that crack me up! You have to be in her world to understand it! I wonder what preschool teachers do with all of these kids and thier stories?

I actually emailed her teacher to express my sympatheis that either her dog or her husband was in the hospital (Seren told me both). The teacher wrote back saying, "HA! Neither! My mom had a doctor's appointment." She concluded, "I won't believe everything about home if you don't believe everything about school!"

I can only imagine what she says about our home life. Probably something about us forcing her to eat octopus.


Beth said...

LOL! One of William's favorite lines from a video is "I shouldn't have done that!" Cracks me up every time. And William is the king of imaginative stories about his life. I have no idea what he tells his teachers and friends at school. And I don't think I want to know!

LauraC said...

I love it! Nate and Alex tell the teachers EVERYTHING about our home life. Here are some things the teachers have said:

How's the new car?

I can't believe you're flying to Fargo!

Do you go to chick-fil-A every Tuesday when Jon is gone?

Julie said...

Too funny! Lana also tells the teacher some truths and not-so truths. The teacher once said to me--so you are going to name the baby Lacey? Lana told us. Good truth. On one of her worksheets, the question was--How does your mom make soup? Lana's answer--she opens a can and puts it in a pot on the stove. Nevermind that I make homemade soup every single freakin week and she often helps me! Thanks a lot, kiddo. Not that there is anything wrong with canned soup, but geez!

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Jessica said...

That's funny. As a teacher, I tell the parents the same thing Seren's teacher did. Some of them find it funny, and others are sure their ten-year-olds don't ever do that anymore, but of course they do! Kids don't outgrow being confused, embellishing, or just thinking they're being funny for a long time. It's some great entertainment for the teachers and the parents if we can be relaxed about it like you are. :-)