Saturday, November 28, 2009


Some numbers

$363.00 for work on the car brakes prior to our road trip
$ 3.50 at McDonalds for snacks
$ 27.00 for dinner at Cozumel Mexican restaurant in middle of the road OH
$ 2.25 in tolls that we should not have needed to pay but I forgot to hold up the EZ pass

Seeing the look on my in-laws face when the four of us (one in her Thanksgiving costume) drove up into the driveway?


We made really good time (a total of 11 and a half hours) and the kids ROCKED the car trip. We had about two moments that I'd like to forget but honestly? They did great! The key was to have LOW expectations. That seemed to work! They LOVED the hotel pool and literally ran around the hotel lobby- so happy to be OUT of the damn car. Seren loved to swim. She told everyone at breakfast that she had been in the pool.

And they both slept very well considering lack of naps or shortened naps. The first two legs of the trip are complete and we have had an awesome stay. We depart MI for a warmer PA Sunday mid afternoon.

I have that 'I don't want to return to reality' feeling right now. And already feel the familiar urge to make a to-do list. I'll try to ignore that urge for a few more hours. And just enjoy family.

It has been a good vacation. Pics soon.

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Beth said...

Yay! So glad you've had a wonderful trip. Good luck on the drive home. I agree--low expectations is the only way to go.