Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sharing a little bit too much with the neighbors

I have so many different things to write about. I have been feeling down for the past two weeks. It has something to do with the following factors. 1)Work hasn't been very rewarding 2) Our home is a construction zone with no sign of the end in sight 3)I return to work full time in December 4) My baby turns one in December 5) The holidays are coming which is overwhelming me 6) my parents have been gone and will be gone all month and 7) Just a sense of loneliness. So I have been doing a lot of crying at the oddest moments. Happy ones. Sad memories. Crazy! I associate some of this depression with the time change and everything just being in flux.

I have happy moments (time with my friend last week for dinner, a great visit with one of my best friends, laughing with the kids, hiking with the family, a fun 'tea' with colleagues etc). I will try to focus on those. Now that I listed them, I already feel better! I may try to explain some of my feelings in another blog post. Or I won't. :)

But I did want to share this gem. This past Sunday the kids and are were on a neighborhood walk. (My default when I get too tired of being cooped up inside). We walked down to the creek to check on the (non existant) ducks. Seren was sitting on my leg and I felt a litlte warmth. A tiny bit of pee had escaped and she said, "Oops! Gotta go potty!" So we turn to go back home. Just then our favorite neighborhood dog, Brown Sugar, said hi. So she engaged in a long chat with the dog. The owner came out of his home. We had never met directly so we said hi. I introduced my team. He was a wonderful grandfather like man. All of a sudden, I look over and Seren has pulled her pants down and is holding herself. What the hell? I look at her and say "Seren! What is going on!?"

I was mortified!!! I had JUST met this man. I just introduced ourselves and our family and told her where we live! And there is my little girl holding herself with her butt cheeks to the wind.


With that, we set off running. Seren insisted because there was a tiny bit of pee, she didn't want to wear her pants. She pulled her pants down just so two cheeks would poke out and set off sprinting for our house. I said to the man, "Well! That's us! We certainly are memorable! Bye!" And sprinted after Seren. Seren was laughing like a hyenia and I couldn't help it but to just bust a gut. We tore into the house surprising Sam. Seren sprinted by him with her pants down and ran to the potty. Wyeth and I appeared later still giggling. Sam looked at me and said, "She just ran by here with her pants down! What is going on!?"

And THAT is being a parent. I haven't been that embarassed in a long time. I also haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Sweet Seren you are your own person. Full of humor. Life would just be boring without you!


Beth said...

OMG! LMBO. That is freakin' hysterical. Sorry you've been feeling the blues. Hopefully things will look up soon. Just keep swimming! (From Finding Nemo) Have you started listening to Christmas music yet? (Do you even like Christmas music?) That always lifts my spirits. And I'm not a religious person, but "Breath of Heaven" always inspires me. I especially love Amy Grant's version. Hugs!

LauraC said...

THAT is a great way to meet a neighbor! At least it wasn't YOUR buttcheeks hanging out!

Hope you feel better soon.I always have my down point of the year in December for all the reasons you listed: work busy, Jon gone, kids always get sick, too much to do and can not punt bc it is the holidays. BLAH.

Jessica said...

How hilarious! I'm sure your neighbor laughed, too.

I know what you mean about the ups and downs. Things can get so overwhelming when one is the mother of a small child or two. I'm impressed that you were able to perk yourself up so quickly by thinking through some recent happy events.

Good luck making it through adjusting back to work and the holidays!