Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Long and Winding Road

Tomorrow our family heads out for our first Thanksgiving together as a family of four. We will be going to Flint, MI to visit my inlaws and Aunt Kate (Cue the jokes about rabbit meat from Roger and Me, etc). :)

I am really excited to see them. We have seen them several times on our turf but we haven't been to Flint since June of 2007. Seems crazy to me that I was just showing my pregnancy when we were there last. And Seren talked but not like she talks now.

Here is the kicker. The major kicker.

We are DRIVING there. Ya know, 12 hours one way. With Ms. "I-love-to-talk-and-sing-and-chat-about-all-things-all-of-the-time" and with Mr. "I-don't-like-to-sit-still-for-much-of-anything-or-anyone."

I can already hear the screaming in the car. Honestly. And it isn't just from the kids. Tonight we aim to rest up well. I also aim to get coffee before heading out on the road.

I have booked two hotels. The first one is our "Oh my god, this trip couldn't get worse" hotel. The second is the "We are hanging in there, we need to push through it" hotel. Regardless of which hotel we choose, the hotel will have a pool. Seren thought I was nuts when I said she'd be going swimming. "I get to wear my bathingsuit in the winter!?"

I then explained it was an INDOOR pool.

Regardless of what shape our nerves are in when we arrive, (and it is our choice to drive!) we will love seeing our family. Aunt Kate will be there too! And it will all be ok.

Here is a pic of me at Thanksgiving last year. I SO overate! I mean look at me! I stuffed myself silly! :)

(My poor, poor shirt!)

Happy, happy Thanksgiving!


LauraC said...

Our boys did amazing in the car over Labor Day weekend, no peep from them for 11 hours straight. But we also had a DVD player for them and unlimited tv and snacks. Anything to get peace!

Good luck with the drive and have a great holiday!

Jessica said...

We're headed to Michigan for the holiday, too! Suburban Detroit, here we come. Being out here in WA, we have to fly, and I'm a little nervous about going with a 16-month old. Good luck to all of us crazy enough to travel with small children! Happy Thanksgiving.