Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"He's a hazard!" Wyeth at 11 months

Last week our Wy guy turned 11 months which means ONE is VERY close. I wanted to give a snapshot of our guy in action.

And let me tell you, he is a complete hazard. The walking ROCKS! He just walks now. No crawling. Nope, full on walker. His stance is so wide though that he looks like he just got off a horse. And he is so proud of his new found freedom. Mommy and Daddy on the other hand? Whew. TWO mobile children is quite the adventure.

Drawers? OPEN EM!

Wood chips? EAT THEM!

Cabinets that hold breakable bowls? BREAK THE BOWLS!

Electric sockets? STICK WET FINGERS IN 'EM!

Cords to computers? PULL 'EM!

He is into EVERYTHING. I took him to Lowes on Monday and said to the sales associate, "I brought my tester. I need your aisle with baby proofing materials." Aisle 9!

He also is a complete hug monster! Wow! Can he hug! And they are LOOOOONG hugs where he wraps his little arms around your neck and just squeezes. The boy is part Hague (my maiden name), that's for sure.

He recently added 'Mama' to his vocabulary but it isn't like he calls for me. He just talks in my direction and says Mama. I think that counts! He continues to clap and he recently did his first sign for 'more'! Clearly, I am proud of my little man.

We went up to our good friends' house on Saturday night in CT. And my friend and I took all four kids to the park. It was my first time solo parenting two MOBILE kids on the playground. I think my heart stopped 3 times. Wyeth has NO sense of limits. Or consequences of falling. Or hitting his head. He thinks he is made out of steel. Seren is very protective of him. "Wyeth! No! That will hurt!" Which is very sweet to see. On the drive up there they held hands in the back seat for much of the trip which was very sweet.

Wyeth is also very clingy. He can't say "up" yet but his hand gestures communicate that he wants to be picked up. If he had his way, he would be held a large majority of the day. For the most part we oblige. He needs breaks from all of the walking afterall!

Another funny thing that Wyeth does is 'growl' when we vacuum the carpet or mow the lawn. He makes the same noise that the machine does which makes me giggle.

Feeding him dinner is a big struggle recently as he doesn't seem to like what we are offering. He would prefer to be a 100% fruitarian. And just recently the tub seems to scare him a bit. Particularly the running water.

So it is going well. All of it. I feel very excited as well as sad to celebrate his first birthday. I have watched him just grow up. And every day I think he is a little bit bigger when I get him from his bed. Wyeth continues to bring me such joy. But him turning one!? Nah....


Jessica said...

What a sweet and funny update. I could just picture Wyeth's kamikaze action on the playground and his big sister trying to keep him in check. :-)

LauraC said...

Oh my, Wyeth sounds like Alex and let me tell you, I have developed an IRON STOMACH from the things I've seen that kid do. There have been so many times I'm convinced we will end up in the ER but he turns out fine. There are still times my heart stops (like Alex pulling the boys off the statue).

But it makes life so fun after your heart starts racing again!

Julie said...

Wow, is he cute or WHAT? He sounds pretty frisky too. I love the part about the big long hugs and him being a fruititarian (we have one of those too--frozen berries are the best in the winter when you only have apples and oranges, plus they are good for teething pain).

Happy 11 months sweet boy!!