Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Best Age

Wyeth is 17 months old. And I have determined that this is one of the best ages! I get such a kick just watching him explore the world. Ants are amazing. Grass should be studied. And running and jumping is all the rage! I love it!

He has started to talk more in the last 3 weeks. New words now. Finally! He has sounds for animals and can say 'hot' for hot food. He tries many more words. But he still stands by his favorites, "Uh-oh" and when he is really excited about something new "ooooo"!

But mostly he moves. He moves a lot. He is also a snuggle-saurus! Wow! That child can HUG and hug for a long, long time. It seriously is pure joy for this momma. I fall in love with him each day a little bit more.

He has strong opinions on things and last week learned the power of 'no'. He says "nah" but he means "no". In just a few more months, I'm sure that is all we will hear. But for now, he mostly runs around, smiles a ton, hugs and grunts. It is one of the best ages. No negotiating. No asking "but WHY!?" There is daily frustration about not being able to communicate exactly what he wants but mostly, he is excited by all things new.

And he LOVES his sister. Seren is who he wants to see when he first gets up. And whose hand he prefers to hold. He kinda likes holding my hand or Sam's hand but Seren's hand is the best!

Sam took the kids to see some elephants two weeks ago. They were to get off the train in Trenton and make their way to the arena where they would perform in the Ringling Brothers Circus. It was a LONG wait for the kids as the elephants were delayed. But Sam said Wyeth just went NUTS with excitement when the elephants finally arrived.

Life is simple when you are 17 months. Life is good. I like that attitude!

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