Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy Weekend Outside!

Our weekends have been super fun recently due to more planning on our part. Now that Wyeth largely takes one nap, we have more flexibility to go out and have some adventures!

I got home on Thursday night for a business trip to Oklahoma City and it was great to get BIG hugs on Friday morning!

Saturday morning, I took the kids to the park where it was bright and sunny and lovely!

We hugged:

And went for a walk!

Sam graded some exams for his class. Then we all met up as a family and headed to the Howell Living History farm. We have been there before and it is always a lot of fun. It is one of this historic farms that does things like teach you how to make a candle or spin wool. On Saturday, the sheep were being herded and sheered. Despite the fact it was close to 90 degrees, we had a really good time. Seren insisted that the wool was being used to make 'necklaces'. (??) We all got into it and had a nice picnic lunch together as a family.

After nap, we drove the kids down to my parents home. They were to have dinner there and spend the night while Sam and I went on a much needed date night! It was great! The kids had a BLAST and had many adventures to share with us. Sam and I went for yummy sushi! We had a glass of wine too.

Sunday we got up at 8am (SCORE!!!) and actually cleaned a bit before going running. (I haven't run regularly in 4 years. Lets see...what happened 4 years ago...) So it was tough but we went running at a great park. We also checked out the site of the b-day party which is to come in two weeks. Then we headed back home, did some more chores and met our kiddos down at my parents home. They passed OUT in the car on the way home. I can't remember the last time Seren did that. And they both transferred and slept for over two hours. So that was great. I did a lot of birthday related errands done while they napped.

Our family needed this re-charging. It was a really good time.

And today is BIRTHDAY EVE!! Seren turns 4 tomorrow! And WOW, is she excited!! "This is my last day EVER of being 3! Tomorrow I'll be FOUR!!!"


Beth said...

What an awesome weekend! You got the best of both worlds--quality time with the kids, and quality time without. You guys deserved it! Love the pictures. Your kids are gorgeous! Hope Seren's last night as a three year old were as special as she could imagine.

Julie said...

Great weekend indeed! Fun with the kiddos, a DATE even! I am so impressed that you can transfer your sleeping kids. Lana starts screaming when you unbuckle her if she is asleep and Lacey pops awake as soon as the engine is turned off.

Great pics of your cuties--looks like a fun time!

Jessica said...

Four years old. Wow. I hope it's a special day, and as fun as your weekend was!