Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Seren is FOUR

Seren, today you turn four. Four years! I remember you at four days, four weeks and four months. And now four years!

And are you excited! You couldn't go to sleep last night due to your excitement. This morning, at 6:05 you called, "Mom! Dad! it is 6:05! It is my birthday! Please come in and bring Wyeth! And please sing!"

You remembered the night before that last year when you turned three, we performed the Birthday song. And so we did again this year. At 6:05. With Wyeth, as per your request. I love that a tradition has started.

You bounced out of bed with tremendous excitement and we played a quick game of Candyland before going down to get your birthday muffin. You had requested this to be 'breakfast in bed' since that is what you and Dad did for MY birthday. But we compromised. You do love your birthday muffins.

The day will be a full one! Filled with things you like to do! Sliding on slides, running around, singing and present opening. We gave you another baby doll for your special gift. After some negotiation on names, you named her Juliette. We all need another baby doll like we need a hole in the head but you just LOVE her. And this one talks to you, calling you 'ma ma' and crying when she needs to be fed.

Tonight we will take you to Nifty Fifties for some fries and chicken fingers. You are excited to go to a restaurant and order chicken fingers by yourself. I hope that the restaurant will sing to you but that might be a bit scary for you; I hope you enjoy the family celebration!

Seren, you have become quite the little girl this past year. You have adjusted to being a sister and embraced your responsibilities with your whole heart. You care for your brother and always want to make sure he is ok; sometimes translating for us. You continue to be so smart; learning this year that letters make words and that words tell stories! Daddy has been reviewing words in the paper and even today, you are sounding them out and getting the hang of the reading adventure. You continue to find great joy and comfort in books. We hope you always feel this way. And more recently, you have become more brave at doing things on your own. You are so independent now. It is shocking to me sometimes to think about how much you now know how to do. And my god, when did you get so TALL? You have also learned how to become a friend. Preschool has been so good for all of us. I love to watch you interact with other friends, listening to their stories, and pushing yourself to be part of a classroom of children.

Seren, when you have a birthday, we think about the year past and celebrate the future. We also are keenly aware of the fact that as the first child, when you reach another birthday, WE celebrate that we have been parents for four years. Some days I think, "That's it!? Only 4 years?" But most days I can't believe it has gone so fast. Especially when I think about how far all of us have come.

Here is a picture of you stretching the first month of life.

Here is a picture of us the day before my first ever Mothers' day.

We can't wait to see what this year brings. Thank you for being 100% YOU all of the time. Moods, tears, smiles and silly stories alike. We are so blessed that you are in our lives and can't imagine our lives without you! Happy birthday my sweet muffin!


LauraC said...

Happpy birthday Seren!
Congrats mom on four years, hope you enjoy every minute of celebration!

Julie said...

Beautiful tribute to your dear Seren! Happy Birthday!!

Jessica said...

I love birthdays because my mom always made them special, and I bet Seren feels the same way (and always will) because of how you celebrate and commemorate each year. Very sweet.