Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So last Tuesday was Seren's birthday. Followed by a morning with the preschoolers on the farm on Wednesday. Followed by a close family friend's passing on Thursday. Followed by a trip to a Children's Museum, and a trip to the local circus with my mom and dad on Saturday. Followed by Mother's day on Sunday. Followed by cupcakes with the preschool class and the funeral on Monday.

It is now Wednesday.


There are stories to tell about all of these events that I just listed.

And there are some memories of the man and friend we lost that I want to share. But I can't write about all of those; I want to respect the family's privacy. My summary of the sadness that surrounds his death is this: the whole thing SUCKS and life is really, really short. I want to make the most of it.

That being said, I'll post some pictures of the fun that we have had the last week.

Her Birthday morning and then her bday dinner:

Wednesday's trip to the farm! Feeding baby goats!

At the museum

Under the small Big top:

Mothers Day: Opening my cards and presents!

Monday's classroom celebration!

Wyeth being Wyeth:

Life is busy! We are holding on tight and remembering to enjoy the ride!

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