Friday, May 14, 2010


I want to play with the kids more in the evening next week! This week we have had so much going on that dinner, bed and bath have become just a long series of events which have proven to annoy me. Cat herding, I tell ya! Last night I had the sad thought that I didn't laugh during the evening at all.

But this morning, I already had fun with Wyeth (even at 6:00) and made him laugh which of course made ME laugh. He is SO ticklish and has the BEST smile and giggle. So it is a start. Some nights I'm just so focused on getting everyone down and getting to the chores that await that I forget to have FUN in the mean time. I'm going to have to give myself a 'pass' on this week though, the reason why we have so many chores?

Seren's birthday party is tomorrow!! BIG stuff for us. 20 adults, 14 kids. Pray for us! :)

I really hope we can just ENJOY it and go with the flow. THAT is the most important part. So we have made bird houses, stuffed party bags, designed games, and made lists. Now we just have to PLAY!

I think we can handle that. And next week? I'm all about family walks, giggles and tickles.

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OWL MOMMA said...

hope the party was fun! Happy Birthday, Seren!