Wednesday, November 10, 2010

(Not so) Lost in Translation

Around here we are still counting the words that Wyeth can say. But soon, I imagine, we'll be well past it. Once they 'get it', the words come. And it is so exciting!

But there are some things he says right now that just crack us up.

Boap= Boat

how did milk become nut?

Seren too still says a few choice words completely incorrectly.

For example. Animals is STILL aminals. And 'pacifier' is pacifower.

What about your kids? (if you have any). What do they say completely incorrectly? I don't even want to imagine the day when Seren actually turns to me and says, "Mom! We saw a ton of animals at the zoo!" It will kill me. It has always been aminals! :)


Beth said...

Seth says "Nulk" for milk. So I can see where "nut" comes from. LOL. He calls his pacifier "money." No idea where that came from. William say kazaust instead of exhaust, and for a while, volcanoes "interrupted" instead of errupted. Seth is struggling with the pronouns, which is so cute. He says "me" instead of "I," and "him" instead of "he." There are so many more I'm not thinking of, but it's great to write them down!

Julie said...

When Lana was first talking she said "Ba" for soap and "babakah" for diaper (?). I find myself using the word "babakah" in front of Lacey--that poor kid is going to think diapers are really called babakahs. Where Lana got these words is beyond me!

LauraC said...

Both boys say "MINES" instead of "mine." It started with this girl Amelia in their one year old room who would shriek "MINES!!!" and they've never corrected it.

I was sad when Nate stopped calling Alex "Al-sis."

Whitney said...

My current favorite is, "Mama, let's go to the ice cream parliament" (parlor)

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Sebastian's current is "waybe" instead of "maybe" which is his new favorite word anyway. All day I hear comments like, "Waybe you want some more milk," and "Waybe you were just trying to have a toot." Seriously, these children are given this sense of humor so that we don't lose our minds when the going gets tough!

Tina said...

avery calls bananas "may-may" - oddly, the same word she uses for the song "mary had a little lamb." she also can't seem to get the word "cat" right - she keeps calling it "tat."