Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Start of the Season

This weekend was busy! I am fully exhausted. Bone tired. Work has been insane and the weekend was busy and full. That being said, I had a blast!

Friday night, immediately after work, Sam and I took the kids to Peddlers Village which celebrating Christmas by lighting all of the holiday lights! They had Christmas carolers, marshmallows to roast, and hot cidar. Well, it was to be hot but it was freezing cold because they couldn't heat it fast enough!

We had a blast! The kids did too! Everytime he saw lights Wyeth would yell out 'oh!!'

This year is going to be best Christmas!

Saturday, Seren and I drove down to see a local production of the Nutcracker! Wow! I haven't seen that show in years! Seren was all dressed up in her dress coat, her dress shoes and her Christmas dress. Even her princess tiara! Mom purchased the tickets- it was a girls day out! The show was very, very good. It was also long. Seren got the wiggles at the 30 minute mark. Thank god for intermission! She loved it though. She liked the dancers and the music. And at one point, rubbed my mom's back and rubbed mine for her seat in between us. The seat which was swallowing her up if you didn't hold it down. Most days I think Seren is so mature and so much older than her brother. But seeing her so excited by the show, by the frenchfries to come and her smile, I realized (again) just how little she really is.

My dad met us after the show for lunch. Yummy lunch out! It was a very special day! They even watched Seren for an hour so I could have coffee with an old friend.

Seren went to bed last night at 8:15 and didn't wake up until 8:00am. She was just exhausted! Amazing how much excitement this weekend brought! Lights! The Nutcracker! Lunch!

Sunday we spent time as a family which was really fun. Raking leaves, playing outside, enjoying just NOT doing while trying to be productive! I am pretty overwhelmed by the prospects of the season. But being with my kids and hubby always makes me happy.

We got out the Christmas books and read the Polar Express tonight! Game on! Christmas here we come! And those books ROCK! Wyeth went NUTS over the choo-choo. Seren held the bell! [Are we the only ones who 'edit' that book to just take out any references to non-believers (in Santa)? We just skipped those words!]

So we are excited by the promises the holiday brings! But we are ahead of ourselves! We have a big trip home to Michigan this week and then Wyeth's 2nd birthday! Lots and lots to be excited about! Michigan is Wednesday!

Seren would have gone on stage if we let her!

Thanks Mom and Dad for a lovely time!

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