Monday, November 22, 2010

Soccer is Over

(Thank goodness)

We finished 10 weeks of soccer!
Ten LOOOONG weeks.

That would be ten weeks of Wednesday night soccer and ten weeks of Saturday games at 12! And when it got cold, we did soccer under the lights on Wednesday nights. Too much practice! Too much structure!


She is 4.

She wore cleats.

Sometimes she ran. Mostly she hung back. She learned about the game. Kinda.

She had fun. Kinda. She liked meeting friends and running. Kinda.

She REALLY really liked snack.

We really liked that she TRIED it. And I was proud of her for WANTING to go even though it was a 'stretch' for her. And I'm glad we provided her with an opportunity to do something that was difficult for her.

If you ask Seren if she'd do if it was worth it, I'd bet you'd get an enthusastic YES. Ask Mom and Dad? You'd get a 'Kinda'.

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