Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pumpkins 2010

The Halloween festivities started on Friday with our preschoolers' parade! What fun! I was totally excited by the day!

The class was to sing "Dem Bones". Seren sings this song at our house. And the teacher said that the kids SCREAMED it in the classroom.

But during the parade? When everyone had cameras? Not so much.

Still, our ghost had a blast.

Wyeth had his own parade on Thursday at his little weekly class. He rang bells in the parade.

I then joined the class for a small classroom party. Which was great! Wonderful to see the classroom so alive and so excited.

Then Sam, Seren and Wyeth went to a HUGE Halloween party at a classmates' house.

Saturday, after soccer and nap, we went down to my parents' home for a really fun Halloween parade Saturday night. I loved it! This parade was something I did every year growing up! They have changed the format a bit but it was great!

Again, our ghost and dragon had a blast! This time our ghost wore makeup! (Thanks Poppy!)

Sunday was the official big day. After a playdate with friends, our new friends came over for a quick pizza dinner. Their daughter is in Seren's preschool class. The two of them were like peas in a pod! The conversation that they had at dinner was classic. Seren and Paige held hands during trick or treating. Wyeth sprinted ahead for the first several houses but then came to a 'scary' house. And he was done. Toast. Back into my arms until we were well past 'that' house. Their little son was a big trooper as well.

It was the best yet. We got crappy pictures which really bummed me out. I wish I had a professional photographer that lived with me! But more importantly, everyone had such a good time and sharing it with friends made it that much better.

It truly was an amazing Halloween.

October 2010 was a good month!


Beth said...

Awesome pictures! So glad you guys had a fantastic Halloween. LOVE the costumes! Hope November brings an equal amount of joy, if not more.

Joanna said...

I loved watching the difference between the boys and girls while they were trick or treating. The girls were so calm about it, while the boys raced to each house. I'd say that the girl approach is easier on parents, but they all ended up wanting to be carried, so it was a push.

Julie said...

I love Seren's ghost costume! Glad it was a great Halloween :)