Monday, November 8, 2010

Snapshot of Life at 23 months: Choo-choos, Choices, Cheerios and Chaos

Next month Wyeth will turn two.

I can't get my mind around this concept. At all.

Wyeth is my love bug- my chance to be a confident parent. He brings me so much joy these days. The tantrums come and go like big storms on the horizon. Sometimes his frustration scares me as he doesn't have the words to tell us exactly what he wants.

Life these days is all about choo-choos, choices, cheerios and generalized chaos.

Wyeth is obsessed with trains! This boy thing is surprising the heck out of me! But as of two weeks ago he LOVES trains. ANd buses! And will shout from the back seat when he sees either one. It sounds like he is being goosed! Ahh! He just loves anything to do with trains. I feel like Thomas is my near future.

He remains a dedicated muncher on Cheerios. Every morning. For breakfast.

And Wyeth loves choices. So we give him lots of choices. Every day. Where do you want to change your diaper? Over here? Or over there? Which light do you want to turn off first? This one? Or That one? He will now pause and say 'hmm'. The cutest thing ever! HMMMM. Dat!

Choices are provided for pants, coats, etc. It takes forever to do anything but we feel that this avoids meltdowns and gives him a sense of independence. He is also totally into doing everything himself! From pouring the cheerios, to tapping the milk out of the milk gallon, to unzipping his pjs. Tonight he worked (hard) to pull down his pants on his own. My brother was known to say "I can do it myfelf". Wyeth too has this passionate independence streak.

We also had him evaluated last week for speech. But he doesn't qualify. We were pleased. His words were so slow to come that our pediatrician recommended it. It was an interesting experience watching your son be evaluated. NOthing like 5 adults and one kid to make him feel under a microscope. By the time the evaluation was scheduled, I wasn't as concerned as his words (while not consistent) are coming fast and furious. He also now NODS which is awesome! (note, we don't say 'yes' but we are nodding!) We are far from the 'no' which meant 'yes' and the 'no' which meant 'no'. Love it!

Seren for all of my posts in May about being a royal PITA has become a compassionate love to her brother. "Ok, Wyeth. Here is what we are going to do. You ok with the plan? You ok? Do you want to help me XXXX too? Ok, we'll do it together." Last night they 'painted' in the kitchen, the two of them sharing a stepstool. And last week when I vacuumed the living room (which Wyeth HATES), she held him close to her and he gripped her tightly, "It is ok, Wyeth. I gotca. It is just the vaccuum." It makes this momma heart melt.

So Wyeth is all about doing it his way, celebrating trash and choo-choos and loving his sister and family. We are one blessed bunch!

I just can't believe he'll be two. Wasn't Seren JUST turning two?

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Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Oh, I love stories about Seren the big sister! I can't wait until my two start interacting like this! It's the whole reason I had more than one - so they could have a relationship with each other.