Sunday, January 8, 2012

Community and the New Year


New month! New Year! New year of my life! On Tuesday, I turn 35. 35! And I love the thought. I have a grand theory about headed towards 40.  I have yet to meet anyone who is in their 40s that doesn't have all of their sh*t together. It just seems to be a good age. Many of life's major decisions are made. 40 year old women are incredibly confident.  They just KNOW life by 40.

So I have five more years to get my stuff together.

People laugh at this theory of mine. But I think there is something to it! Then again, I also thought when I was 16 that life would be figured out by 21. Yeah, right.

But anyway, for now, today, the idea of 35 is kinda cool.

I'm always one towards introspection but this new year, I've taken it to a whole new level. There are many factors in my life that are working very well. I have two healthy kids. I have a great husband who is also my best bud. I live in a safe community. I'm trying not to take any of that for granted.

But there are also some reasons, good reasons, to make some changes. My daughter's school is one main one. And my job is another.  I'm not going into it here. Wish I could! I could use the 'release'.

The bottom line? We are doing some serious thinking.

But thinking doesn't mean action. It just means, at this time, thinking.

Those issues aside, I'm very excited that "Community" is my one word for 2012. It may have been my 'word' last year but I don't care. I am going with it again this year. How to create it? How to foster it? How can I create a work community, a neighborhood community and how in the hell can I find my church community?

Life exists outside these walls. Lots of needs are in the world. And lots of people need people. Facebook can only get me so far. I want coffee friends. I want the kind of community where you can say, "I am one egg short, can I borrow one?" I want to trade kids for afternoons so other tired parents can get their work/errands done.

I have very specific examples of what I want to see for my kids' lives and for mine. But creating it takes some additional work. But I'm game! I'm motivated! I get so much energy from people. From people coming together. To do anything! Build a house! Have a potluck! Celebrate achievements!

In December, I organized a potluck at work. Simple. But beautiful. The week before I threw a party for a friend who just finished her MBA during one of the hardest years of her life. Easy. Awesome.

In January, we hope to do some service activity for MLK day. I also hope to have more pizza dinners with our friends. And more coffee! And so far, so good. I hope I can use this blog to keep me accountable. The challenge is that measuring my success in creating community is hard. I know it when I see it. Other goals (like running 2 more 5ks) are more quantifiable.

What about you? Did you make resolutions?


LauraC said...

You are scaring me! I only have 2 years and 2 months to get some knowledge together before I am 40!!!!!!!!

PC said...

I can help you with the more coffee part:) But, as for the 40-thing (which I turned this year), good luck with that. I'm far from having it all worked out!