Thursday, January 19, 2012


Oh, the meaning of a friend. A long standing question. For me at least. There are facebook friends. Work friends. Social friends. Neighbors that are friends. Close friends and then that inner circle, friends that are your chosen family.

All of them are wonderful.

I love how young kids talk about friends. Anyone that is Seren's age is a "friend". See that other girl at the playground/beach/park/shopping mall playarea? A friend.

"Well, I met some new friends today."

She is in gymnastics (hysterical) and the new session just started up.  Her take on it, "Mom! Guess what? I now have 8 gymnastics friends."

I love it. It is so simple. And so universal. 

It will suck when she realizes, as we all do, when we mature, that not everyone is really your friend. Lord, the girl drama I see on the horizon!

But for now, I'll take it.


Whitney said...

Cute! Meanwhile, Noah is very selective about his friends at pre-school. Only about 3-4 (all boys) classify as friends.

Where is she doing gymnastics? Noah is taking classes at Ricochets, in Horsham. Fun!

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

It's lovely how open Seren is to people and the bright world around here. Right now Sebastian even calls his stuffed animals his friends. It's so cute to hear him say each morning that he was talking to his friends and singing them songs. Now if only he had an easier time making friends in real life... But that'll come, I know.