Sunday, January 29, 2012


So maybe every blog post is one mom's way of saying, "Look at me. Look at us. We have something to tell the internet." I try not to make mine brag happy. But I'm sure I fail. And I'm mostly ok with that.

Today I am proud of Seren.

I'm proud of Seren because the girl can read and write. It is amazing to see her just take off!

I'm also proud because 2.5 years later she decided that she would just give up her pull ups. Well, that isn't true. We discovered that she was scared to death of going to the bathroom at night. We installed flashlights and many nightlights last week. Still no dice. But we told her that when she was ready, we'd like to give up her pullups. She and Wyeth could have a contest as to who get out of diapers/pull ups first. We even threw in the idea of a pretty pony purchase if she could be dry for 7 nights.  She was so excited to wake up every day this week. DRY. Six nights in a row last night!

Tonight for the first time in her entire life, she went to bed in undies. I'm confident she'll be dry. She hasn't mentioned the pony.

I'm proud because she tries new things. Not always with gusto at the start. But she does them! This weekend, we tried basketball.

I laughed until I cried. Full on tears, people. It was hysterical!

And I'm proud because with all of the reading, trying new things, learning the ropes of school and being a big sister, I see her as an infant.  If I could tell the post partum mom that really, "It would all work out." I would.

At the same time, I'm still worried. We have miles to go before we sleep. She isn't grown for goodness sakes! Just wearing undies to bed! We have miles to go!

But for now, I'm just proud.


Whitney said...

What a sweet post! Yay Seren!

Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

Okay. First of all: let's talk about this photo. Hello? Glamour! I love it, and I just think that the gloves really make the whole ensemble come together. Go, Serenina.

I love the story of undies and basketballs, and Seren going for it all. You guys are awesome.