Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gendered Sandwiches

The cute things that the kids say just keep coming! There is no way to write it all down or record it. But here are a a few.

Wyeth says 'schene' for 'machine'. As in 'this lawnmower? It has a schene in there to make it work.

He also says 'noculars' for binoculars. and 'Bitamins' for 'vitamins'.
Wyeth started forced potty training last week. He has to sit on the potty for 10 seconds twice a day. I swear I wouldn't force and just let it 'happen' after my experience with Seren. But he has shown NO interest. So far, he is 'ok' with sitting there. He gets sticker. Just for sitting! Pathetic! But we are working on it!
Seren got her booster seats two weeks ago. Still seems strange to not have the five point harness. She was just too tall for it! And it was unsafe. We splurged and got her our first Britax for the main (daddy) car and a cheap one for my car. She looks all grown up back there.
The kids are missing Christmas. Wyeth and Seren frequently talk about elves. And our lights on the outside of our house are still up. They still request plugging them in. We do from time to time.  Wyeth announced last night, "I want Christmas. But we have to do Easter. Then we have to do the beach. Then we have to do Halloween. Then Thanksgiving. and THEN Christmas."  It is a long wait, Buddy. A long wait.

I personally miss Christmas but I also really miss the beach!
Since Thanksgiving Wyeth has asked me about why I work. I said, "To make money. So we can do things and have some fun."  He suggested, "You work so we can ride on the Hucklebyberry rail road?"  (the Huckleberry railroad is in Michigan and he loves it.) So according to him, up until yesterday, I toil at my 40 hour work week so we can go on a railroad trip/ride. But yesterday he said, "But we did the Hucklebyberry rail road! Why else you work?"

I responded to keep our house, to have food, to put gas in the car.

He said, "Daddy doesn't work because he doesn't need his own house. We share the house."

Gosh! Life is so simple.
The strike is over! Thank goodness! She has been to school twice now. Since December 22nd, she has now had school for a grand total of 6 days. What a month! Kindergarten has been rougher than we anticipated!

On Saturday, I was making sandwiches. I called out, "Seren! Do you want a grilled cheese? Wyeth? What about you?"

He stomps in with his pouty face on. "NO, I don't want a grilled cheese. I want a BOY cheese."

What a goofball!


Beth said...

Hysterical! I love how you capture their language and the innocence of childhood. Wyeth's observations on work on awesome! Good luck with PTing. You'll get there. (I'm glad my difficult child was first! LOL)

LauraC said...

We had to force it on Alex too or else he would still be wearing diapers. Too busy to visit the toilet!

PC said...

Love the 'boy cheese' sandwich! Ugh...the potty. There is no interest here either. I feel like I need to follow your steps now. :(