Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three Year old Stats

I took Wyeth to the pediatrician's for his well visit last night. It became a prolonged affair. My 5:45 pm appointment started at 7:03 pm.  Ugh!

He didn't want to be weighed. So I weighed us. Then I weighed me without Wyeth. After all of that, he weighed in at 32 lbs and 6 onces.Ish.

He also refused to have his height measured. NO!

So I had to measure him in the room using a little tape measure. He was 38 inches. Ish.

So that places him at 60% in height and 55% in weight.

I just looked at my blog for Seren at 3 years. She was 38 inches tall which was 73% for girls and 32 bls 4 ounces which was 66%.

I find it fascinating that they were the same height and weight! Wonky! I worry more about what he eats (or doesn't eat) than I ever did with Seren. And on the boy scale, he is still on the shorter side.  Somehow this gives me a bit of hope.

Not that I can control a darn thing about height!

So...he is still in the crib and still firmly in diapers. And still, by many accounts, eating a 'toddler' diet.

But we love him. What a munchkin!

We are blessed to have two healthy kids. I try not to take that for granted.