Monday, September 8, 2008

My very own Carole King

Seren is "into" singing. Now mind you she doesn't necessarily need accompaniment but it is MUCH better (according to Seren) if a parent bangs along on the keyboard.

She has come up with such ditties as "I am not thirsty" and "Blueberries and Strawberries Everywhere!"

I feel like I'm on some toddler version of "Whose line is it anyway?"

Last Saturday morning, as I dared to sleep in until 7 am, Seren (and Sam) busted into my room. Sam carried the electronic keyboard and Seren stood at the foot of the bed and serenaded me. Her choice of song was appropriate, "I sing to you the 'Mommy Wake Up Song.'"

I love this! Her version of singing is very funny. She throws in some details about her life, adds a whole lot of "ya-ya-yas" and dances the entire time. And it isn't as if these songs are one time favorites. They come back. She'll invent "Blueberries and Strawberries" one week and the next week, she'll be in her carseat singing this song to us.

(FYI, That one is hard to sing along to. The chorus is the same but the, tough to follow and remember.)

It is awesome. I hope she has inherited some of my uncles' musical talent. While Sam and I are both musical, the odds of this working out for her as a career isn't very likely. But just in case it does, I can say "I knew her when..."


Julie said...

I love love love it!! She is a songwriter! Lana and Seren would get along beautifully b/c Lana likes to request songs for me to sing. Sometimes she requests songs that don't exist--Mommy, sing apple juice song. Huh? Seren could probably just compose the apple juice song on the spot!

Laura S said...

She even looks like Carole King in this picture, love it! What an amazing little girl :)

Beth said...

That is so cute. Seren is quite the talent! Sounds like she needs a Karaoke machine!