Friday, September 26, 2008

Yahoo! Back on the couch!

We just got back. Everything is status quo! The cervix hasn't opened! The doctor did a very in depth examine and all looks good! Yeah God! I am slightly anemic which is not too surprising. It could also explain my exhaustion these days. I have gained a total of 27 lbs which is good news to me.

It all was blissfully uneventful! And I got to go outside and see trees! And moving cars! And people! They did another fNT test so I'll get those results Monday. Otherwise, I'm going to try to "buy" two weeks at a time.

November 5th sounds nice to me. After the election. We'll have a new leader. That sounds like a good time to bring a fresh soul into the world. Doesn't it?

Happy Friday!


Laura S said...

Congrats Meg!! I am so glad you are NOT progressing at all. Stay on that couch. Will you have to be wheeled on it to vote? Sending you prayers and lots of love! Laura

LauraC said...

And good point about absentee balloting.

Jon used to take me to a local park on bed rest. He would pack the entire car, load me last, then I would lay in the grass on a big horse blanket. I just needed that change of scenery to not go crazy!