Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Blogging Friends, CA friends, Gardens and More

We had a great weekend! I will overlook the fact that I was sick this morning due to the pregnancy (hello? 26 weeks!?) and focus on the fact that we had a great time.

First off, I have to say a bit about Seren's big girl bed. Sam and I made SUCH a big deal out of the transition that she was SO excited to go to bed! It was awesome! The first night, she lay there really still and was asleep by 8 and up by 6. I couldn't believe it! I'm sure once she figures out (a matter of time) that she can get OUT of the bed, she will but so far, so good. I'll post a pic of her big girl bed- she is thrilled and so are we.

Saturday, we got to meet Laura and Jon! It was as if the Internet pictures came alive in our front room! Despite the humidity and heat, we all sat around, relaxed and chatted as if we had known each other for a long time. Laura was everything I thought she would be: warm, funny, witty, generous and intelligent. She is also quick to laughter and giggles: my kind of person! And Jon, who I only know through Laura's posts, was (true to her description) very tall, kind and very open. I can see how they complement each other extremely well. We talked about families, travels, jobs and life choices. And the strangest thing was that our most common bond, our children, weren't there! They were traveling without the adorable Nate and Alex and Seren was down for the count. I so wanted to wake her up just so they could meet her but thought that was silly considering how tired Seren had been that day.

I haven't checked Laura's blog but I loved meeting the two of them and hope they felt welcomed in our home. BUT we forgot to take a picture! As Laura and Jon were driving away in their rental car, I remembered and ran out to see if I could catch 'em! Dang. Thanks so much for coming, Laura and Jon!Thanks too for always extending yourselves to complete "strangers" on the internet. Glad we aren't strangers anymore!

We also hosted our good friend Nancy this weekend! Nancy was traveling from California for some time with her family in NY and extended her vacation to spend time in Levittown, baby! We took her to Longwood Gardens, a beautiful garden estate about an hour away. Seren loved Nancy,"Ansy" and liked exploring the great tree houses.

I love seeing my dear friends and this weekend was so special. Nancy, you are such a blessing to our family! Come again!

Seren also had some great one-liners this weekend. I just about melted twice this weekend. Seren was very dressed up for our time at the gardens and I got a bit snazzy too. She said to me, "Mom, you look so pretty. Momma is pretty, mom." It made me think of this post. And I got a bit weepy.

The second sap moment was on Monday. Sam, Seren and I took a little walk in a local nature center. It felt so good to just be out. And it was such a leisurely walk. At one point, I sat down on a bench. Sam did too. Seren hopped and said, "Sit with my family." We asked her who was in her family and she listed, "Momma, Dadda, Seren and baby brother!" Oh! The hormones! I could just eat her up.

This picture was from our trip to the Jersey shore last weekend in honor of the last few days of summer.

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LauraC said...

I had such a great time!! We left Target and I said CRAP we forgot to take a picture! That is very very unlike us.

It was awesome meeting you. Awesome meeting Sam. Totally understand not waking a sleeping toddler (believe me, I understand!). The only downer is Jon said we need to find something MORE to do with our lives because we were so inspired by your and Sam's work. Downer bc we're not sure what it is yet. I'm sure we'll find it.

I have many more amazing things to say about our meeting that will wait until tomorrow.