Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back on the couch

I'm back! All went well. I am still feeling frustrated and tired by all of this stress but I'm hanging in there. I just get so worried and that really fatigues me! Hard to know that any one contraction could be the one that just sends us over the edge.

So week 34 is upon us and the doctors have said that they won't stop anything that happens after this point. I'm to stay on my meds until week 36 and then we let mother nature do her thang. At that point, I'm also allowed to walk around and do whatever I want. Even now I'm allowed to do a little bit more. Of course, I heard that as "sure, do what you want" and Sam (rightfully) heard it as stay in the bed much of the day but a little time standing won't hurt. Ya give me an inch and I take a mile!

Two more weeks isn't bad. And then who knows!

I'm about 90% effaced still and 1 cm dialated. So this is the first dialtion we have had. Most women who have already birthed children dialate early. I'm sure the contractions haven't helped much. But one is better than 3cm at this point.

Sam and I are planning to have dinner or lunch out this weekend. That will be a big treat for me. Last weekend we went for a drive in the fall leaves. These little "outings" really help me feel human! So I'm already excited for our lunch/dinner date- just the three of us.


Laura S said...

Yay! I am glad he is still in and you made it to week 34! Keep it up rock star :) Love you!

Julie said...

Yipee!! 34 weeks!! Enjoy your dinner or lunch on the outside this weekend. There is something about eating out that always makes me feel good. I think its b/c I don't have to do dishes, but still--it feels like a little bit of pampering to eat out.

yukonsally said...

yay! i prayed for you all morning. so glad you are back home, kickin it on the couch. you made it to week 34 - and i can tell you (from being the chaplain of the nicu) that that makes a HUGE difference for the little guy. good for you. have a great outing this weekend. enjoy every minute! say hi to superdad sam for me.

Beth said...

Woo-hoo for week 34! You're almost there. Yay for a bit more "freedom," too. Everything that I can cross is crossed in the hope that you make it past 36 weeks. Even if you don't, you know that you've come so far and that you and Sam have done everything in your control to ensure a positive outcome. You are a super-mommy!