Monday, October 27, 2008

A shout out to Super Daddy

For the past 6 weeks my husband has been doing it ALL. And I mean doing it all. With his wife out of commission, he wakes up with Seren every morning, gets her diaper changed, dresses her, makes us both breakfast, gets the dishes going, gets me set up in my "office" and then either goes to work himself or takes care of Seren for the day. It is insane! On top of this, he is working two jobs and looking for a better one to replace his full time job. At night, he comes home from work at 9 pm and has dinner with me, we talk, he tucks me in and then he applies for job, writes his novel or works his OTHER job. He looks exhausted! On most days, he is superdaddy- taking care of all food preparation and cooking but with me having to be in bed or on a counch ALL day, he has had to step it up a notch.

I don't know what we'd do without him. And he does it ALL without complaining. We HAVE hired someone to clean the house twice a month because I can't stand the dustbunnies- they were giving me the evil eye! And my parents are awesome- coming up 3 days a week to help with Seren and help us run errands. (I"'l give a shout out to them later). But other than that, he is carrying a lot on his shoulders.

Here is a picture of us the night I first went into the hospital- which also happened to be his 35th birthday! (Check out the stickers- Seren can't help but to decorate us. All. Of. The. Time)

I love my husband. I can't think of my world without him. He is my rock through all of this. I can't wait to see his face when he looks at his son for the first time.

And less you think that I'm literally not doing ANYTHING, I have been creative with our play dates. Sometimes we lay down. Sometimes Seren sits with me. She liked using the little ottoman/foot stool. This weekend we did a lot of Halloween prep- pics to be downloaded soon. She is so fun!


LauraC said...

YAY for awesome husbands! I love hearing tributes to these wonderful men in our lives. We are lucky to have them.

Beth said...

Yay Sam! I have a feeling he knows how much you appreciate him. When the love is there, it's not hard. Love the pictures! And omg--you look so little! Where are you carrying the weight? I think bed rest agrees with you. :-)

Julie said...

Great pics of your family and I agree you look wonderful! I don't know how you have been doing it--during my whirlwind day with my 2 year old, I often think about you and how you are managing to literally stay put. Your husband sounds amazing and cheers to him for all of his help!