Thursday, October 2, 2008

Now he has seen everything

As an OBGYN, I'm sure he has seen it all. Women who aren't in their best moments. Sweating women. Crying women. Blood. Tears. Vomit.

Stressed out fathers. And so much more.

But he smiled when he saw my belly.

Last Friday, Seren, Sam and I went to the OBGYN for a visit and an exam. We chatted about bed rest. We chatted about our lives, our kids. He lifted up my shirt to measure my belly.

On my belly was a little surprise.

A Piglet and Pooh Sticker!

Seren LOVES stickers. She gives MANY to baby brother. Most of the time, they end up on my shirt. Sometimes on my skin.

So there I was with a Piglet and Pooh sticker on my big pregnant belly.

He laughed, looked at Seren and said, "How did this get here?"

"It is for baby broder!"


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Julie said...

That is so sweet--Seren is already sharing with her brother! Aww!