Friday, October 10, 2008


Today, as soon as I opened my eyes, I smiled! We made it to week 32! I am so freaking happy this morning!

Each week brings so much developmental growth to the wee one.

Today feels like a huge milestone to me! The doctor yesterday said that they would let me "move a bit" at week 34. That was encouraging too. All looked good. I've gained 31 pounds, blood pressure is good. I feel good (mostly).

When I was pregnant with Seren, at week 32, I was dialted to 3-4 cm so since I'm nice and closed, I am actuallly ahead of the game! My dad pointed this out to me last night and I'm so glad he did.

I also now feel hopeful that we will birth a healthy baby. I have found myself being pretty pessimistic (realistic?) saying to friends, "Well, when I come back to work depends, a little, on how sick he is." While I am a believer in positive thinking, I haven't had much of it recently. I'm just trying to prepare my heart. But really, he MAY be healthy. I am going to make more of an effort to assume that he is FINE. I think the craziest thing about bedrest is the mental games you play with yourself.

I also am feeling good today because I got to see some friends at work yesterday. My long commute rarely brings me pleasure but driving up to the office building (ok, my mom drove), it felt like life was still normal. And seeing people was great. Really great.

**I was going to post this Friday but forgot. I took a belly shot but haven't been able to download it. Oops!


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Julie said...

YAY for 32 weeks!! I have all my fingers and toes crossed for a healthy baby boy for you. I also feel sad that you have so much worry in the final stretch. I am so so impressed with your positive attitude and with your ability to parent a toddler from bedrest. I cannot even get Lana to play by herself for 5 minutes before she is yelling--MOMMY!!!!!!!!!

John said...

Megoo, can't help but think of a sticker that once hung in your room at 400. "What the mind believes, the body achieves."
Stay positive, you have the support of your family, and all of your friends. I am excited to see my nephew, but I can wait 8 more weeks...
You look amazing by the way in the photos you sent. I loved seeing your transformation. It is tough being so far away while all of this is going on with you. I'd love to be there to help, but in reality, what can a non-cooking, hates cleaning little brother do? I love you Megs and I cannot wait to see you soon.

Uncle John