Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Belly pic and more aspirations

Readers may remember Seren's desire to be a moose when she grows up.

Well, apparently she is going to be a coffee-drinking moose. She announced yesterday, as I stirred my fresh coffee,

"Momma, when I get big, I'm going to drink coffee. When I'm 20. I'll drink coffee when I am 20."

The thought of my two year old on caffeine is enough to send me running to the hills. Fortunately, I apparently have 18 years to wait.

Seren continues to be VERY excited for "baby broder". She offers that he could sleep next to her on her bed. And that he could sit "right here" in the tub with her. Last night I demonstrated how weak a baby's head muscles are. She thought that was fascinating. We are trying to be realistic with her about how little he will be and how he WON'T be able to play...yet.

Here is a picture of me taken on Friday. 32 weeks baby, 32!


LauraC said...

Here is my bad mom secret - I let the boys drink coffee! They can only have tiny sips and it is 90% milk but they are always begging for my food and I thought they would hate coffee. Nope, they love it.


Laura S said...

Yay 32 weeks! What fun :)

Julie said...

Yahoo to 32 weeks! Nice belly too.

Lana always lists the things she will get when she is a "bigger girl": drink coffee, chew gum, get earrings, wear tampons. I like that Seren will wait until she is 20 :)

Cathy said...

Wow! You have the perfect belly! How exciting!