Thursday, October 9, 2008


Today is Seren's second week in a local gymnastics class! Despite the truly frightening pictures of little girls in tight leotards and tight ponytails that were posted on the gym's website, we couldn't resist. Seren loves tumbling and we haven't taken her to a gym class yet. She also is incredibly flexible. I was like this too for a long, long time. I still am. (Ok, not while on bedrest and carrying around 30 extra pounds, but in general, I'm limber). She can't stop talking about gymnastics. We put her in toddler yoga pants today which she says are her "gymnastics pants".

I'm sure you'd agree that anyone that can do this should be in some sort of dance/gymnastics class.

I love that she is at the age that she really can get "into" these activities! Wish I could see all of the fun for myself!

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