Friday, May 29, 2009

Two kids

There was a very distinct moment in the hospital last December when Seren met Wyeth where one thought struck me like a lightening bolt.

Seren had just walked into the hospital. She wore her "I'm the Big Sister" shirt. Scared of the new situation and the excitement in the room, she clung on to Sam for dear life. I was in the hospital bed, giddy from the birth the day before. I tipped little Wyeth's face up to meet his sister. She didn't say much. In fact, she kinda just grunted in a grumpy way. It wasn't as much about jealousy as the fact that there were nurses about that she didn't know. But as I tipped Wyeth's entirely burrito-wrapped newborn face up to meet his big sister I had just one thought and one thought only:


The enormity of the responsibility as well as the sheer joy of that moment hit me like a ton of bricks. A dream came true. A full term baby! A healthy blessing! My sweet older child who up until 12 hours prior, was my only child. She looked enormous to me suddenly. Where as the night before, as I hugged her goodbye and left for the hospital, she was a baby, she now looked like a grown adult.


I still think that on most days. Or when I see pictures of my family. My FAMILY. I feel so very, very lucky.


LauraC said...

Dude who is taking pics of your family bc that one is AWESOME!

Julie said...

I cannot even imagine having two kids, as the idea seems so abstract to me even with the baby moving around and all of our talk about Lana being the big sister. I never thought I would have any kids, let alone two kids. Thank you for this post--I am sure I will have my I HAVE TWO KIDS moment soon enough!